Jessie 's first halibut

First Halibut in 2019 Season


Great day fishing Barkley Sound. We picked up 3 chinook salmon that we kept and also hooked up on our first hali of the season, checked the crab pots on the way in and all got our limits on some Dungeness crabs and had to release back another dozen crabs….

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Live from the field!!!

Twin 99cm Halibut on South Bank

Twin 99cm Halibut

After getting our salmon at wya and flo,,,, we ran out to south bank set our anchor and got ourselves a pair of 99cm halibut, had another one on but it got to live another day. Chuck straining a bit holding them up……

Chuck holding up a couple 99cm halibut twins

Prawn fishing trip another add on to a seafood smorgasbord

Headed out for some prawn fishing…. Just me myself and I….. got my 4 traps set them out by effingham by 11 am.. pulled them about 2pm . First 2 traps had about 50 the other 2 were loaded. Got my 200 prawns for the day and had to release about 200 others. …. anchored up for the night and will pull the traps tomorrow morning hopefully will get another 200 and I will be done…..

hank with 12lb Chinook caught with wild Pacific charters

Early salmon fishing and cod fishing trip

Out fishing yesterday  at alley rock and star reef…. we picked up 2 chinook . . 4 lings …. couple rock cod and a small halibut. A little Lumpy and breezy in the morning but wasn’t too bad at all, Hank hooked into something big, almost stripped all the line of the islanders reel, Must have been some sea monster, although there was a bunch of porpoise around us earlier. It made off with my flasher and Irish cream spoon .

candied salmon on racks for drying

Times are tough… out with the old, ready for new

Working on getting last years fish out of the freezer, have been making gravlox, pickled salmon, candied salmon and some smoked salmon…… its tough having to prepare and eat all this fish although its no problem getting people to eat it.

After all this salmon being prepared, guess what we are having for dinner tonight…. yes more fish but tonight is rock cod, a nice vermillion rock fish…

floor ripped up

Getting to be that time of year…. upgrades

Getting started on upgrades on the grade for this upcoming season. Got the floor ripped up now so we can install and swap engines around.Will be nice to have it done early so I can get out in the Sprout Lake Loggers Derby on the first weekend in march….. a good time to put break in hours on new engine and to get out and get some fresh winter springs…. the tastiest fish of the year….

floor ripped up