Loading in the fishing tackle

I wanna go fishing

Enough is enough, I am going to go fishing soon. Starting loading up the boat

First bunch of tackle boxes
Second load of tackle boxes

Now to get the rods and reels loaded up

floor ripped up

Getting to be that time of year…. upgrades

Getting started on upgrades on the grade for this upcoming season. Got the floor ripped up now so we can install and swap engines around.Will be nice to have it done early so I can get out in the Sprout Lake Loggers Derby on the first weekend in march….. a good time to put break in hours on new engine and to get out and get some fresh winter springs…. the tastiest fish of the year….

floor ripped up


Everything is put away – Herring sale coming up dec 2

Everything has been put away now for the winter time…… but i wanna go fishing but even the weather isnt cooperating


I hope i will be able to get out for some prawns before xmas….. 
December 2 is the date set for Fisherman Helping Kids With Cancer Herring Sale…… there is 2 locations to pick up fresh food herring one in Steveston and one in Victoria. You can check there website at 

Time for doing up some more pickled herring. Be a change from smoking salmon, pickling salmon and making candied salmon but I do have a bunch of request for making up some Japanese Fish Cakes  


The groom catches a fish…… plenty of fish…. no more fish  after he gets married


Brendans last day of freedom….. catches a fish before his big day tomorrow with his bride……. hopefully he will still be allowed to go fishing once in awhile anyways…..


Very happy Joshua with his chinook salmon


Joshua very happy with his chinook salmon he caught today…. finally the weather is looking better ….. pretty nice day on the water.  Fishing at the inside lighthouse bank today.


Is Winter Over Yet!!!

Winter 2017 will be one to remember and I wish it would end soon. I have been trying to get some upgrades done on the boat, but this weather has been slowing things down. My helm seat has been removed… the squeaking it produced sometimes drove me crazy….. There is now more room to walk by, without hanging up on the arm rest and now I have another tackle storage area.An order of some electronics should be in tomorrow, have another autopilot controller coming in and a 7 inch chart/fish finder in this other to add to the stern of the boat. Boat is schedules to back in the water the 3rd week of march. Ling cod opens April 1 and that the best time to get out and get some winter Chinook and get a bunch of white meat from Ling cod and rock cod….. April 1st to May 31st Spring Salmon Fishing and Cody Fishing Special is$650.00 for up to 4ppl for a days fishing.  Book Now!!! 250.735.9453 Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.